Let’s keep it simple: Children around the world are hungry and we can feed them. They need clothes and shoes and we can provide them. Some are without a home or shelter, but we can help. 

More than 147 million children are orphans. Most people and organizations would gladly do something to help poor orphans, if only they knew what to do. International Orphan Support exists to make this possible. We go directly to orphanages in third world countries and provide basic and practical needs for these children. We work directly with orphanages bringing help and hope.

There is no need for red tape. There have been enough delays. We have the people in place. We know the kids by name. Now let’s do this thing! Let's take care of the orphans!

All Photographs  on our site are images of actual children that IOS has helped.


Rick Whitter (Director of IOS) and his wife Letha have been involved in international orphanage work since the early 90’s. They travel several times a year to various countries, building relationships with local leaders and networking with other orphan-concerned organizations.  You can contact Rick at rick@iorphan.cc or Letha at letha@iorphan.cc


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